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Orange is the New Black

Having grown into one of the UK’s leading colocation service providers, Netwise needed a new corporate identity
that would better reflect their modern approach to business, global reach and state of the art facilities.

Rebranded logomark lowercase letter N, in white, with an orange full stop on a dark purple background

Taking inspiration from the most notable parts of Netwise’s existing brand – namely the primary orange in their colour palette and use of circular graphics – Juice London created a new logo and logomark that focused on being bold, confident, contemporary and masculine.

We then developed a flexible and powerful identity to support the logo, considering colour, typography, illustration, composition and iconography, and wrote a comprehensive style guide for the company to utilise.

Once complete, we were asked to overhaul their existing website, leaning heavily on user analysis and behavioural insights to shape the solution.

  • Services

    Logo & identity design
    Brand development & architecture
    Style guidelines
  • Client

    Netwise Hosting
Old Netwise Hosting logo. Grey and orange text pretruding from three orange circles.
Conceptual 'N' logomark sketches, in purple on a white background
New logo construction and identity design for Netwise Hosting. Lowercase name in purple, with blue dotted grid lines
New Netwise corporate logo and identity. Lowercase name in white, with an orange full stop on a purple background
Rebranded app icons, featuring a white lowercase N and orange full stop on a purple background
3D render of a purple coffee cup with the Netwise Hosting logomark in the centre, surrounded by teal circles
Full character set of the new typography used in the brand development and style guide
Animated gif showing the design framework and layers of a branded Netwise piece of printed collateral.
Iconography construction on a 48 x 48px grid, showing the outline of an alarm bell with orange notification node
Suite of new Netwise Hosting iconography, in white, laid out in a 5 x 4 grid on a purple background
3D render of a branded portrait poster, held up by bulldog clips, featuring an image of a man looking at his computer inside a data hall

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