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Pounds and Pence

As part of an increased marketing investment, Paysafe wanted a fresh and thought-provoking website
to reinforce its position in the industry as the platform of choice in global payments.

Circles of varying sizes and colours scattered on dark purple background

Led by Albion, Juice London helped the team throughout the IA, content strategy, wireframing
and UI design stages of the project.

The 'Plug into Paysafe' positioning – the core theme of Paysafe’s new, global marketing narrative – emphasises how businesses can ‘plug’ into Paysafe’s unique and diverse platform of proprietary payment capabilities. Products include cash solutions, pre-paid cards, mobile order ahead, credit options, digital wallets and POS technology.

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Final render of the responsive Paysafe website, shown on desktop, tablet and mobile phone on a light grey background
Full designs of the 'Platforms' solution landing page, including consumer, merchant, platform and account icons, client quote and expertise cards on white and dark purple backgrounds
Final render of the Paysafe homepage, showcasing an overview of the three main solutions, 'Partner with Paysafe' banner, sub brand logos and an image of a Paysafe-branded IndyCar car
Three webpage designs from the 'About Us' section of the site, featuring key employee bio's, a Rentmoola client case study page and a press release page
Full screen image of an interactive form module, made up of a main centre circle split into four parts on a dark purple background
Two mobile phone mockups of the mobile homepage hero and homepage designs, featuring circles of various sizes coloured pink, gold, mauve and teal, and the 'Plug into Paysafe' stapline in white text on a dark purple background
Three mobile phone mockups of the lead generation page, featuring a 'Get Started' splash screen, region-specific solutions screen and user input summary screen
A mobile phone mockup of a horizontally scrollable payment types module, featuring five payment options designed in a row as a sequence of cards
Three mobile phone mockups, featuring a client quote, rounded image on a dark purple background and 'Get in Touch' chat module

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