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Caught in the Bluff

On 16 April this year, 100 willing and able poker players from across the globe (willing at least to remove their clothes
and raise tons of money for charity) joined the inaugural World Series Strip Poker tournament.

Red heart shape wrapped in a beige ribbon on a black textured background

The brainchild of Barry Shrier, an American technology entrepreneur and inventor, WSSP was born to raise awareness and money for a charity close to Barry’s heart – Skcin. Seeing a link between skin cancer and the concept of strip poker, Barry asked Juice London to name and brand a new company who would organise tournaments countrywide.

With a focus on offline collateral and branded merchandise, we designed a whole range of items in time for launch. This included the WSSP logo, business card, letterhead and envelopes, as well as posters, t-shirts, poker chips and playing cards.

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The main logo, made up of WSSP in black capital letters above the tagline World Series Strip Poker. The 4 card suit icons – hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs sit below the wording, and a woman in red stands above it
Front view of 5 overlapping playing cards. The front card features the black Ace of Spades icon wrapped in a beige ribbon on a beige patterned background
Branded WSSP letterhead on a dark red background. The letter has the WSSP logo top left corner, and is signed by Barry Shrier
Branded WSSP collateral, including front and back design of the Queen of Clubs, a red clay poker chip, beige envelope addressed to Barry Shrier and a white tee
Front and back design of the Jack of Diamonds playing card, on a dark red background
Front and back design of the Queen of Hearts playing card, next to silver, blue, green and red clay poker chips on a black background
Two branded portrait posters suspended on clips and wire. Both feature black, left aligned text on a beige patterned background and WSSP logo in the bottom right corner

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