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Shaken, Not Stirred

'Peak' is a one-day event for the top 1,000 management staff at Dixons Retail. It consists of a daytime conference
and supplier exhibition, featuring products and demonstrations from 60 of the world’s biggest consumer technology brands.

3D render of the themed animated stage backdrop and presenter on stage at the Dixons Retail Peak event

As part of the conference created by cievents, we designed a series of James Bond and casino themed animations that created a huge visual impact for delegates, both on arrival and throughout the day.

Building a vast 50m wide, high resolution LED backdrop for the main stage, we were able to captivate every member of the audience and take them on a visual and immersive journey.

  • Services

    Event identity design
    Set creation and animation
  • Client

    Dixons Retail
3D render of the Casino Royale animated backdrop, behind a presenter on stage in a dimly lit room
Photo from the event, taken from the back of the room facing the stage. The audience sit facing a red digital backdrop, with illustrations of a male and female silhouette in the centre
Katie Bickerstaffe – Chief Executive of Dixons UK and Ireland – steps out of a grey Aston Martin DB7 in front of the main stage
Guest speaker Lulu Guinness, dressed in black, speaking on stage about fashion, life and business
Casino Royale animated stage backdrop, behind four dancers dressed in blue sequin outfits with white feathers
Photo from the event, taken from the back of the room facing the stage, as glitter and coloured confetti fall from the ceiling

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