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X Events is a fresh-thinking creative agency who work with corporate brands to deliver unforgettable events,
once-in-a-lifetime experiences and motivational sales incentive programs.

X Events primary logo, in grey and pink, on a dark blue pattern background

They wanted an understated identity that was clean and contemporary, to suit the corporate market, and as a start up headed by women, were keen to adopt a colour palette with a feminine touch.

After creating the logo and logomark we set about building a core visual toolkit, built around personable and approachable typography, colour usage and pairings, subtle graphic elements and aspirational imagery.

  • Services

    Logo & identity design
    Brand development & architecture
    Style guidelines
  • Client

    X Events
Primary logo, in blue and pink, on a plain grey background
Primary logo construction, detailing the anatomy of each element, spacing, x height, typography and colour attributes
Colour palette and tints, including RBG and CMYK values
Logo sizing and usage guidelines, in millimetres for print and pixels for web
Crosshatch pattern made up of the blue X Events logomark and pink crosses
Mock up of an X Events business card, with a dark blue background to one face, white background on the other face and pink edging
Pluto font full character set
Mock up of an A4 printed brochure

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