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Lucca Comics & Games is an annual comic book and gaming convention in Tuscany.
It is the largest comics festival in Europe, the second biggest in the world, and we helped NVIDIA become the star of the show.

Nvidia GTX Hunter logo and tagline, with a green prism interlaced with a grey triangle on a black textured background

With a captive audience of almost 500,000 people, NVIDIA wanted to use the convention as an opportunity to engage with their core audience and promote their brand, their tech and their world-famous GeForce GTX graphics cards.

We designed and built a mobile game for both Android and iOS, centred around social media, that would engage people with NVIDIA in a fun and interactive way.

After strategically placing 10 branded totems around Lucca city, users of the app had to hunt these down and use the in-built augmented reality technology to snap a picture of themselves at each position. They were then asked to share these pictures on social media in order to win a prize – a pass to the Ultimate VR Experience.

  • Services

    App design & development
    User experience design
    Event logistics
  • Client

Three mobile app wirefame designs on a dark background, with a focus on UX user experience
Mobile UX wireframes, exploring the 'snap and share' user journey within the app
Interface wireframe sketches showing the list of GTX quests, completion screen with percentage summary and interactive map
Final splash screen UI design of the Nvidia GTX Hunter app, featuring the green and grey logo centered on a black background
Final renders of three mobile screens within the app, including social log in and game tips
Final renders of two mobile screens, featuring the four main areas of the app – Camera, Gallery, Quests and Map
Full screen image of an Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z gaming graphics card
Final renders of three mobile screens within the app, showing how a user journey selects, comments on and shares an image on Facebook or Instagram
Mobile app design of a player's Quest summary screen, showing 60% completion and a list of all 10 totems and their position in Lucca
Full screen image of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 desktop graphics card

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